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The Brand

“It seems that perfection is attained not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to remove.” - Antoine de Saint Exupéry

Whenever one takes the first steps into the journey of designing a brand, an instrument or a piece of music, an idea is the impetus. Our idea, our impetus for HOYER Guitars is to create instruments for musicians, for music.

The origins of HOYER reach back over 140 years – back to the craftsmanship of Franz Hoyer in his workshop in Bohemia. It was his ambition to create instruments that aid the musician, that allow the musician to become prepossesed by their passion for music.

Our philosphy is founded upon his - to create instruments that will be companions, providing beginners and experts alike with an opporunity to explore new horizons within the world of music.

To accomplish this, we strive to keep our designs, our works, our ideas simple. We believe that the instrument is a companion, not the centre of attention. Beauty and elegance combined with the quality and prowess of German and British quality control will meet the requirements of every musician.

We aspire to bring the tradition of HOYER into the 21st century – speaking to the vibrant and passionate fanbase that still thrives throughout the world, while reaching out for people who might not yet have made the aquaintance of our brand at all.

We seek to determine the needs of musicians, their motivation – so that we can incorporate those into our designs, our production, models and features.

All of which serves the purpose of this relaunch – provide access to premium designs that accompany musicians on their journey to new musical horizons.

The Vision

Martin Ritter's first foray into the world of music followed the guiding hand of his grandfather Wilhelm Herget. Himself an ardent craftsman and musician, he played the zither, guitar, piano, harmonica and accordion - pursuing a hands on approach to both music and instruments.

This influence paved the way for Martin Ritter's personal interest in music and instruments.

During his adolesence, he found himself deeply involved with both ends of the music industry; as an avid musician, playing the piano, electric and choral organ - working for instrument manufacturers and retailers. This gave him a solid understanding of every level of the industry.

The Vision

All of his experiences, from the early childhood and youth influenced by his grandfather, his own journey into the world of music and its industry are evident in the reborn Hoyer brand and design. The philosphy, design and brand itself are result of a journey, from the past to this day.


An Eventful and Inspiring History


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